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3D Printed PiGRRL - Raspberry Pi Gameboy 49

coop0030 (263345) writes "Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the classic gaming device, Game Boy, by building your own with 3d printing and DIY electronics. This project uses a Raspberry Pi and TFT touch screen to make an epic DIY Game Girl. The 3d printed enclosure houses all of the components and can be printed in your favorite color. It's controlled with SNES gaming controller components, reusing the printed circuit board, buttons and elastomers. The 3D files can be found on Thingiverse, and a video of the finished product is provided as well."
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3D Printed PiGRRL - Raspberry Pi Gameboy

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  • by del_diablo ( 1747634 ) on Saturday July 05, 2014 @05:55PM (#47390139)

    >Game boy
    >3D shell for Raspberry Pi to run a emulator
    Please don't mix the too together.

  • There's no shortage of those yet but they're really nice controllers as-is, they have a zillion purposes without being cannibalized. And these days you can buy controller parts for a song, so it would be nice to see the design adapted to use some readily available controller replacement parts instead. It would cost only a few bucks more, even assuming a free SNES controller.

  • Safety first (Score:3, Informative)

    by Misagon ( 1135 ) on Saturday July 05, 2014 @07:11PM (#47390445)

    The tutorial shows cutting a PCB from a SNES controller into three parts.
    When cutting PCBs (and other things of fiberglass), it is important not to inhale the dust - in the worst case, fiberglass dust can cause lung cancer.

    The tutorial recommends a dust mask, but does not mention how important it is.
    I always use a dust mask and a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter running with the nozzle right next to the workpiece when I cut PCBs.
    Also, don't do it where you live, and do collect the dust that settles.

  • by Anonymous Coward

    The walkthrough with pictures was interesting, but I am a bit let down. I expected it to be a custom homemade GameBoy, not simply a portable game emulation/pirating computer. Also, grrl? Really? That stopped being 'cool' around the time xXSepherothCloudXx stopped being 'cool'.

  • $120 + to make something that doesn't play game boy games but looks like a gameboy
    when you could buy a much more capable 7 inch tablet []|7%247,vw:l,p_ord:p&tbm=shop&ei=i6G4U4XNGcedyATo_4GoAg&ved=0CKQEELsNKAI

    for as little as $30 ?

    • Click it then go to shopping and sort by price low to high

    • That depends on how expensive and how bulky the clip-on Bluetooth game controller is. Not a lot of classic console games work well with just an on-screen gamepad. Or has there been some sort of recent innovation in touch input processing that makes games like Mega Man and Castlevania, which need precision movement, jumping, and attacking controls, practical with just a flat sheet of glass?
    • There's no particular reason why it can't play gameboy games (or any of the older generation games), just needs emulator support for them.

      • Yes but then you have the project of getting this project to do that project. Making the whole thing even more curious.

        Interestingly enough a little checking hame i running into other projects, that turned Raspberry PIs into gameboy like devices that actually played gameboy games. So aside from the "I can have this and you can't factor" of this project I don't see why it's even a desirable project ?

        Are people building these things and things like them to justify their purchase of 3D printers ? Hey honey y

  • Plugging premade boards into premade boards is not DIY electronics, otherwise my entire computer is DIY and yes I soldered a power connector onto one of the fans

  • SON OF A BITCH! I had a rather large post and clicked "Options" to see what was in there, I saved, and the page refreshed, way to fucking go Slashdot... Anyway -___-

    I'm totally gonna use one of my RPis to make a portable gaming computer, I'll probably even make one for my cousin as a birthday or Christmas present so he can enjoy the old games as well. I haven't seen any of the links yet, but I'll probably include a reader if possible*, find something that can interface with the GBA link cable and wireless a

(null cookie; hope that's ok)